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Empowering women and other weaker section of society; through the intervention of agricultural and allied cottage industries. Inculcating technical skills in the poor folk of the society through training and orientation.

In order to achieve the goal of the society to make socio-economic and educational development of this group of the society, the organization has undertaken manifold activities. A curser look upon these activities, undertaken by the organization is as follows


   MPSS’s mission is to serve individual & families in weaker section of society. We promote lasting change by 

  • Strengthening capacity for Self Help group.
  • Educational development of society
  • Ensuring economic self-reliance and empowerment for the rural poor.
  • Training on innovative techniques in agriculture and cottage industries
  • Rural health provision and development.

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About us
About Us

Maharshee Parashar Sevabhavi Sanstha (MPSS)is a registered charity committed to the relief of poverty development of the most neglected section of society. In particular, we work to alleviate the hardship and distress of women, children and youth affected by poverty and unfavourable social environment.
MPSS is established for fulfilling the basic need of the society of socio- economic along with educational development of the most neglected section of society, by funding and supporting schemes that make a real change to the lives of people underprivileged by poverty, it empowers them to bring a change in their life and gives them the opportunity to look after themselves and teach them to cherish Life.
Maharshee Parashar Sevabhavi Sanstha (MPSS) is a voluntary organization registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 and Societies registration Act, 1950 in the year of 2004.Since then we have been dutifully affianced in the welfare, growth and development deeds intended for the cause of the well-being of the most defenceless and helpless section of the society. We at MPSS by choice have pledged to empower and provide support to weaker sections of the society particularly the rural deprived people, unemployed youths, impoverished women, women & child labour.
We aim to provide psychosocial support and assistance in regard to reproductive health issues, together with relevant training. The founders and volunteers have a profoundly personal interest in giving back to society. We at MPSS work with trusted partners and community leaders to identify where we can best improve the quality of life and relieve poverty and spread happiness among the society.
Objective of MPSS is improve the quality of life by different ways,empowering women,education to weaker section of society, health of society specifically help to special need children like Autism, Training to Farmers, decrease the co2 footprint in the environment by plantation.